How to find Android tablet apps


Say what you will about Android(s goog) versus iOS(s aapl), but there’s no denying Apple has managed to cultivate a high-quality, vibrant ecosystem of tablet-specific apps. If you own an iPad, you have access to more than 375,000 apps at your fingertips right at this very moment. But what’s even more important is that they’re easy to search for and find. Trying to find Android tablet apps, on the other hand, can be an exercise in patience, frustration, and ultimately, futility.

This story started off as an app comparison between Android tablets and the iPad. But it quickly became clear that searching for Android tablet apps is no easier today than it was when I first laid my hands on the original Samsung Galaxy Tab nearly three years ago. Why? Unlike in the world of iOS, there’s no clear, simple separation on Google Play between phone apps and tablet apps.

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