If Facebook’s internet.org effort really wants to shake things up it should bypass the carriers


Facebook’s(s fb) newly launched internet.org coalition to deliver mobile internet to everyone is more than its attempt to connect to its next billion users. It wants to reduce the cost of mobile data for the 5 billion people who are not online by making mobile data cheaper to deliver and apps more efficient.

Facebook has signed up top wireless chipmakers Qualcomm(s qcom) and MediaTek, as well as device and equipment makers Samsung (Samsung has a big chip business too), Nokia(s nok) and Ericsson(s eric), to take part in this coalition. In a call last night with Jay Parikh, the head of infrastructure at Facebook, I came away thinking two things — one, that Facebook doesn’t seem to have much beyond a plan to make this happen, and two, if it really wants to shake things up it should try to bypass carriers as much as possible.

Facebook’s plan is probably…

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